Dates are FULL BAND unless noted.
A Witch's Brew Calendar




5/2   Wed   JPaul's   7pm  Terrence Acoustic*
5/3   Thur   EGP Oceanside  8pm
5/4   Fri   JPaul's   7pm  Terrence Acoustic*
5/5   Sat   Private Party
5/6   Sun   EGP Oceanside   4pm  Terrence Acoustic*
5/9   Wed   JPaul's   7pm  Terrence Acoustic*
5/10   Thur   EGP Oceanside  8pm
5/11   Fri   Mary Dowlings
             Main St., Islip   7pm
5/12   Sat   The Knight Owl Lounge at
           Oceanside Knights of Columbus
5/13   Sun   Happy Mother's Day
5/16   Wed   JPaul's   7pm  Terrence Acoustic*
5/17   Thur   EGP Oceanside  8pm
5/18   Fri   Sonny's Canal House   8pm
5/19   Sat   Private Party
5/20   Sun   EGP Oceanside   4pm  Terrence Acoustic*
5/23   Wed   Hooks for Heros   2-6pm  Terrence Acoustic*
5/23   Wed   JPaul's   7pm  Terrence Acoustic*
5/24   Thur   EGP Oceanside  8pm
5/25   Fri   Private Party
5/26   Sat   Private Party
5/27   Sun   Sand Bar   10am
             Ocean Beach, Fire Island
5/28   Mon   Lazy Lobster  3pm
5/30   Wed   JPaul's   7pm  Terrence Acoustic*
5/31   Thur   EGP Oceanside  8pm



6/1   Fri   St. Thomas Feast   6pm  
6/2   Sat   The St. James   8pm  
6/3   Sun   EGP Oceanside   4pm  Terrence Acoustic*
6/4   Mon   Lazy Lobster  7pm
6/6   Wed   JPaul's   7pm  Terrence Acoustic*
6/7   Thur   EGP Oceanside  8pm
6/8   Fri   East Rockaway Festival   6pm  
6/9   Sat   Private Party
6/10   Sun   Private Party
6/11   Mon   Lazy Lobster  7pm
6/14   Thur   EGP Oceanside  8pm
6/15   Fri   Brixx & Barley   9:30pm
6/16   Sat   Private Party
6/17   Sun   EGP Oceanside   4pm  Terrence Acoustic*
6/18   Mon   Lazy Lobster  7pm
6/21   Thur   EGP Oceanside  8pm
6/22   Fri   EB Elliots   7pm
6/23 Sat   Private Party
6/24   Sun   EGP Oceanside   4pm  Terrence Acoustic*
6/25   Mon   Lazy Lobster  7pm
6/27   Wed   The Sand Bar at Fire Island   6pm  Terrence Acoustic*
6/28   Thur   EGP Oceanside  8pm
6/29   Fri   Sand Bar   7pm
             Ocean Beach, Fire Island
6/30   Sat   Private Party

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